The way I work

In an introductory meeting, the student’s history, questions and problems, as well as a possible approach to address them, are discussed. We look at what information is available from the student’s school and / or other authorities and what still needs to be assessed. An action plan is drawn up on the basis of this information and the results of any tests or evaluations.

For primary school students, having contact with their teacher is very important for me. Through detailed consultation and careful coordination it is possible to teach the children skills and methods that they can apply at school. In this way remedial teaching complements their at-school lessons rather than taking them in a different direction.

During the remedial teaching sessions I use various standard remedial programmes, supplemented with my own materials and adapted to the situation of the individual student. The most important thing for me is that the children feel comfortable and safe with me. They should feel that they are taken seriously and that they receive honest, clear guidance in words they understand. In a friendly relaxed atmosphere I try to let the children experience

  • that making mistakes is allowed and that you can achieve a lot despite those mistakes.
  • that disorders do not disappear, but that you can learn to deal with them.
  • that being different is not the same as being stupid → everyone is unique and special.
  • that in addition to the difficulties they face, they also have many good qualities and strengths.
  • that their possibilities are more important than their impossibilities.
  • that they don’t have to fix their situation on their own; they can get help.

…but I also want them to discover that learning can be fun.

The first lesson plan has a duration of at least 8 sessions. This is necessary to give the plan a fair chance of success. After the evaluation at the end of this plan, a consultation with the parents and their child is undertaken to decide how to move forward from there.

For students in secondary education, I put together a tailor-made plan in consultation with the student and his / her parents. Here, too, the needs of the student are paramount, but guidance is also often less structural in nature.